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On balance I tend to give them a bye on that flaw though, since what they went on to do with the character was interesting enough for me to overlook the arc's weak beginning.
Here's where you hit the hammer on the nail, as a reader, viewer, a fan, we're in the hands of those who own the story, own in a sense that they are in control. This control is, mostly for the hardcore fan, hard to accept, when it is a realization that they or we, as fans, don't own the story and its development, at least not in a way we would like. As it has been explained up and down in this thread SW is not flawless in it's story. But fact remains that not in any other on going story in books, television or on the big screen have fans, for better or worse influenced a story with such impact as the SW fans.

If one is to leave the perspective of a hardcore fan and look upon TCW through a filter of maturity, the story builds up excellent as a lore background to the events in ROTS. In fact the 4 last episodes of season 5 is on the verge of SW brilliance that is in the same bracket as EP 5 if not better. This more then compensate what began as an in write, in my opinion, the last 4 episodes of TCW season 5 is all that I hoped the prequels would be.

And again, we, as the hating loving SW fans, those who consider them self s to be the owners of the story, will never be pleased as there rarely is any consensus regarding the story development, just in their hatred in and voicing of the frustration of not being the owner of the story and its content.