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Main reason I was okay with Cyber-Maul: The Dark Jedi Maw - 15 years of bifurcated Dark Siders right there (although this moment is the first time I realized how close the names are ). Darth Sion is another example for why his survival in itself didn't strain my personal suspension of disbelief too badly.

That being said, I do agree that execution of Maul's survival could have been done a lot better in the show. Having Maul randomly show up on a completely different world with a massive Spider body with no explanation (again, at least in the show itself) was... less than ideal writing on the Clone Wars' part.

You don't have to give the full detailed account, particularly if you want to cover it in depth in another medium, like a tie-in novel or comic, but you do need to give enough that the viewer isn't left scratching their head and getting pulled out of the story as a result.

On balance I tend to give them a bye on that flaw though, since what they went on to do with the character was interesting enough for me to overlook the arc's weak beginning.
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