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"I was once buried alive—for 60 years! If that didn't kill me… if the Sith and the Mandalorians and the Bloodboilers of Kragis couldn't kill me—then you will not kill me!" ~ Durge

Age: Over 2,000 years

Species: Gen'Dai

Physicality: As a member of the Gen’Dai species Durge possessed no bones and no vital organs, instead they were simply a mass of muscle and nerve clusters with remarkable regenerative capabilities, able to regrow lost body parts within minutes. As such Durge can withstand almost any amount of injury to the point of being blown to pieces, and can only be killed via incineration. Having a nervous system distributed throughout and practically comprising his entire body Durge also has remarkable fast, instantaneous reflexes – allowing him to react to his opponents incredibly quickly.

Durge also possessed a considerable strength, capable of heavily injuring his opponents with unarmed attacks and easily lifting and tossing fully-grown humanoids. To complement his abilities Durge received cybernetic enhancements which worked in tandem with his armoured suit, enhancements that significantly increased his balance and agility. And when ‘freed’ from his armour completely he was capable of expanding and extending his body in alarming ways.


Melee Abilities

As a bounty hunter he is a trained and accomplished Jedi hunter and therefore possessed weaponry necessary to engage in close-quarters concept specifically against lightsabers.

Energy Bola: A simple yet effective flail like weapon consisting of a pair of spherical weights that hung on the ends of interconnected, energised wires. The weapon could be used to entangle opponents while simultaneously electrocuting them on contact with enough voltage to incapacitate a Jedi for a prolonged period of time. And the weighted spheres attached to the ends could also be used to strike an opponent with enough force to fracture their skull. Such a weapon put Durge in good stead against melee opponents who rely on closing the gap.

Energy Shields: A non-offensive yet nonetheless melee orientated piece of equipment, Durge could summon small, circular energy shields at his wrists to block melee attacks. Proving able to resist a multitude of direct hits a lightsabers, protecting his more vulnerable body.

Durge was also a capable unarmed combatant, relying on brute strength as well as the enhancements and protection provided by his armour to toss his opponents about. He also wore armoured gauntlets which made his physical strikes all the more damage inflicting.

Ranged Abilities

Durge also had a wide array of ranged weaponry at his disposal for when the situation demanded it, and we can assume with a wealth of experience at his disposal that he was a capable marksman. Though due to the nature of his targets he preferred melee tactics.

Blaster Pistol: Durge wielded a pair of blaster pistols capable of unleashing considerably powerful energy blasts though likely ineffective against lightsaber wielding opponents. He also possessed a rifle and a rapid-fire wrist laser.

Gatling Gauntlet: A mounted wrist band consisting of several barrels capable of shooting a variety of ammunition types at extremely rapid speeds, among these were fletchettes of which he could fire hundreds at supersonic speeds. The rapidity at which they could fire made them difficult to deflect by lightsabers and therefore effective against Jedi.

Flamethrower: A standard amongst bounty hunters Durge possess a flame projecting device that could eject ignited liquid at a short range, something that would prove effective against a Jedi incapable of deflecting such an attack, as it would bypass a lightsaber completely.



Durge is primarily a Jedi Killer as evident from his armament, energy bolas, energy shields, Gatling gauntlets and flamethrowers are all effective against melee opponents which puts him in good stead for fighting them – and combined with his superhuman physical capabilities and infinite regenerative abilities he can prove devastating against such opponents. And he remains effective against non-Force wielding opponents simply by way of being a total bad@ss.

His superhuman strength and speed is also a incredibly advantage, as it allows him to go toe-to-toe with Force-wielding opponents, in some cases being able to move or at least react faster than them and is capable of putting just as much strength if not more as they.

In such a case, Durge’s preferred and most effective tactic is simply to off-load all his weaponry on an opponent, usually in conjunction with his super-human speed to overwhelm them quickly and altogether weaken their resolve. And in the case of say a Jedi getting in close, pummel them into submission, in particular playing on the surprise of his near-invulnerability to attacks that should kill or mortally wound, to catch his opponents of guard a score a hit - tanking any damage he may suffer in the process.

It should also be noted that he has over two centuries of experience under his belt killing all manner of creatures, including plenty of Jedi, he is constantly adapting and involving and is never caught of guard by his opponents.


One might say, although not totally evident, that Durge’s invulnerability leads to recklessness, and in many of his engagements he ends up suffering injuries that would kill a normal person. And though this may simply be the result of his highly skilled and deadly prey it remains a weakness in the sense that Durge can be easily disabled if his appendages are removed.

All of his weapons are also vulnerable to lightsaber or Force-based attacks, as demonstrated in his duel with Kenobi who hacked apart, deflected or crushed all of his weapons.

And ultimately Durge is not Force-sensitive, and when so often pitting himself up against Force-wielding opponents he is totally vulnerable to Force gripping attacks.


Durge makes up for these weaknesses mainly through speed and strength, he is vulnerable, as are his weapons, to lightsaber attacks but has repeatedly been too fast to hit, and even he is dismember he is capable of reconnecting his body parts or otherwise functioning without them. Force-based attacks are also negated by speed and in so far no Jedi has been able to catch him.

Quotes, Clips and Scans:

A demonstration of Durge’s superhuman strength:

A demonstration of Durge’s powers when ‘freed’ from his armour:

A demonstration of Durge’s speed, superior to that of Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Durge withstands a considerable amount of blaster fire, demonstrating his endurance:

Durge disables both Kenobi and Anakin quickly with his energised bolas:

Durge beats the crap out of Anakin, in a bad@ss display of strength:

Thoughts: Durge is a monster of a bounty hunter, and his unique traits make him a match for a Jedi. But what Durge’s real trump card is is the element of surprise, nobody expects Durge to tank a blaster shot through the head, then he goes ahead and does it, and kills them.

If you’ve got any suggestions for future in-depths or any quotes, clips or scans to add feel free to post below. And as always thoughts and opinions are welcome!