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I disagree, a lengthy explanation or any technical explanation of how Maul had survived would have ruined the episode and the fantasy element of Maul's survival, just like midichlorians did little good for the Force.

So you arguing that the explanation giving for Maul's survival is impossible?

EDIT: State of shock, that's it? Maybe the shock wore off after 2000 metres or so? I'd advise you read the book if you are that hung up on technicalities, I expect it explains it it detail. And of course the Force has already set a precedence of being able to make its users overcome their physical limitations, including things like shock.
again we are talking this wasnt in the show.... which needs to stand on its own. I might have forgiven it if they actually put this in the show.. fact is they didnt.

We have seen people Force users that would have been put in shock not go into shock but I have never heard of one recovering from being put into shock.

Your acceptance of implausable in fantasy settings is greater then mine. You saw him and went.... of course he is alive why not it works.... to which I saw him and went... how in the hell would that work every other time we ahve seen a vilian in this series go out in that manner they stay dead.

You're just more accepting then I am of BS shoe horning for the sake of fan service. That's all maul is fan service 2:05- 2:16 is the real explination. The problem of course with any fantasy world is the person seeing it has to be able to believe and or relate to it. To be sucked into the world enough that the little inconsistencies dont make a difference. If I am sitting here going.... Wait what? then it failed its job. The story wasnt interesting enough to make me not care about the inconsistancy. The world was not made tangible enough to suck me into it to make me forget that I was watching Fan service resurection.

For you it succeeded the story was good enough that you could over look a out of no where dead guy coming back to life and any or no explination was fine for you, but clearly any one that even takes a couple seconds to ask why is he alive? the show has failed to suck them in so they dont notice that.

So prefrence yes to a degree, but that is in execution. If its executed well enough no one will really notice or care, but if its executed poorly that is all they are going to focus on.

Edit: my tone may be mistaken here, I do not begrudge any one for likeing this. In fact part of me is jealous that you guys were sucked into it and i got hung up on stupid stuff rather then getting sucked in. Its a prefrence thing, but for both of us the deciding factor was execution. It didnt work for me, but I am not every one . I am just one abnoxcious guy on a computer that is vocal about what he doesnt like.