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Did you read the spoiler tag? It wasn't really necessary anyway, when I pointed to fantasy I didn't mean "anything goes" I mean that in a fantasy universe people can easily survive getting chopped in half - its called the Force.

But anyway, definitely a matter of opinion in seems.
I did read the spoiler tag kind of, but that wasnt in the show. The show needs to stand on its own.

It wasnt just getting chopped in half, its getting chopped in half at the end of a particular movie having all sources before the TV show came out never mention him being alive in the clone wars (in fact all sources said he was dead at the time) and also falling several stories in a shocked stance bouncing from wall to wall in a location that has gravity and him being a mostly human like creature meaning like humans suceptible to death from long falls.

Its like saying Palpatine lived and still has his body after being thrown over the side by darth Vader. They fell equal distance if not Maul falling farther. The only possible explination is him being saved by some one before he hit the floor, but he wasnt so its BS.

Again Fantasy worlds only work if you stick to the rules you establish with in the fantasy world. Rules like Gravity and air. Yes you want some mystery to remain in the fantasy world but not outside plausibility of established rules.

Example when superman miraculously survived Doomsday it was because of healing from solar radiation something the universe had previously established as a thing in that universe.

The force is established as taking concentration to use (again in universe established law of universe) and we clearly see Maul as he is falling in a state of shock unable to control himself. Thus using the force in this state to grab air vent clear break of established in universe law of physics and powers. Thus break of believability thus poor execution and again show must stand alone and we didnt even get a semblance of this explination in the show to begin with. Had we... i might be more forgiving cus at least thats effort.