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The best way to tell is just look at the category tab. There are two tabs. Character Perks and Global Unlocks.

Most perks are Character Perks and only apply to the character you bought them on. These are things like priority transports, XP buffs, companion affection buffs, and speeder piloting. The Global Unlocks apply to all characters on your legacy. This includes things like transport cooldown reduction, rocket boost, and ship amenities (repair bot, training dummy, etc).

Be careful: The speeder piloting perks are a bit of a trap. They were designed for a time when you originally didn't pick up speeder piloting until level 25 and the cost for subscribers really isn't worth it. Spend 40k credits at level 10? Or wait five levels and spend a few hundred. Spend 175k at level 25 for SPII? Or pay 10k at level 30? Choice is usually pretty obvious. They might still be worth it for F2P players, but the better choice is really just to spend a few hundred CCs and get the rocket boost unlock for your legacy (and as you gain levels, the cooldown reduction). That usually more than satisfies your quick travel needs until level 15.
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