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I agree with this. The Jedi are a monastic order, and their no marriage rule is one of the requirements for joining it. You are to focus on being a Jedi and the responsibilities of being one when you join.

Also emotions are not discarded by the Jedi. After all obi-wan tells Luke to "Trust your feelings, Luke"
But most of the time people do not join the Jedi Order because they want to be part of something. They are, for lack of a better word, recruited at a young age and then indoctrinated. (And it is indoctrination) The younglings aren't really given a choice in the matter.

Yes, there are instances where older individuals are allowed to train but those seem to be the exception and not the rule.

Also, I think your mixing terms when you compare emotions and feelings. When Obi-wan tell him to trust his feelings he is more than likely referring to his instincts. Love, hate, and joy are all emotions but aren't instincts.