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No I understand the intent to have her grow as a person, but her often flippant behavior and some of the other qualities I mentioned still make her a poor character even considering her later development. I like her more developed self, and had she been less child-like at the start I might have been more impressed.

Luke is a good example Beni, and I never said she should have been her season 5 self from the get-go. But many of her more obnoxious traits could have been tempered and they could have brought her in as a tad bit older.

P.S. I couldn't give a damn about it being "dark and gritty". I'd just rather it be quality entertainment. As it was, they marketed heavily to kids in the first two seasons with simple stories, very cartoonish animation, almost stereotypical characters, overdone themes, and constant unimaginative repartee.

I think it is time you opened your eyes and realized that they can market to that wider audience better than they did, as evidenced quite well by seasons 3-6.

If they were appealing to my demographic btw, they'd be making it a Michael Bay explosion ridden-shoot'em-up or a cheesy horror flick and I'm not big on either of those thanks.
Again their is a distinct difference between a poor character and a character you dislike. You disliked her because she was young, and grew to like her as she matured as a person. That's fine and understandable but doesn't make her a poor character. Again I point to the fan following she had from the start. I definitely feel that if she had been less child like at the start her development would have been thrown amuk, after all she was a child, that was the whole point.

Luke is a good example, funnily enough lots of people didn't much like him in ANH, and honestly he did start of a tad whiny, but I enjoyed seeing is character develop and didn't resent him for being portrayed as a flawed individual.

I also disagree that Season 1-2 should have been more like 3-6. TCW set a tone, like many other stories have, of starting off "light" and slowly building up to become more dramatic, darker and more intense, the former complementing the latter and leading to the show appealing to all audiences. I point to the Harry Potter movies/books for an example. Loved by children and adults alike. Why? Because they strike a medium between the two demographics, The Philosopher's Stone is a kids novel and a kids film, the Deathly Hallows is not. But because the kids have been inducted in by the initial books, they can enjoy the gravitas of the finale, while having appropriately dark undertones in the initial films when called for. And likewise the adult audience can appreciate the steady build up, something which wouldn't have worked and IMO made the story markedly worse if the initial films had been as dark as the latter.

TCW for me is the same, it started off light to draw in the younger audience, while adding flavour with dark episodes like Lair of Grievous, Hostage Crisis, Cloak of Darkness, the Bane and Boba arcs etc. and as we've been told this is the same direction that Rebels is going to take, because its tried and proven.

I also think its important in terms of character, especially Ashoka, it was important for Ashoka to develop into a more mature character before they started throwing mature situations at her which as a kid just wouldn't have worked.

Honestly though I feel you are exaggerating, I fail to see the over-abundance of "very" cartoonish animation (because lol it changed so much) stereotypical characters (I'll give you Dr Virus Dude) simple stories and overdone themes, at least in comparison to latter seasons and Star Wars as a whole.

I assume you have watched the initial seasons and are familiar with what episodes they are comprised of... Seems like a simply case of "don't like kids shows" to me as opposed to bad storytelling, which it simply is not.