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But I think its beyond stupid, apologies, to think that it wasn't always the plan all along to have Ashoka grow and develop from the young, cocky etc. that we see in the earlier episodes into something more mature and developed.

I mean that's basic storytelling right there, see Luke Skywalker for details.

P.S. I think a lot of the undeserved hatred for TCW is because its not a dark and gritty adult TV show. I think its time that you opened your eyes and realised that Lucasarts had a duty to appeal to everyone, not just your demographic.
No I understand the intent to have her grow as a person, but her often flippant behavior and some of the other qualities I mentioned still make her a poor character even considering her later development. I like her more developed self, and had she been less child-like at the start I might have been more impressed.

Luke is a good example Beni, and I never said she should have been her season 5 self from the get-go. But many of her more obnoxious traits could have been tempered and they could have brought her in as a tad bit older.

P.S. I couldn't give a damn about it being "dark and gritty". I'd just rather it be quality entertainment. As it was, they marketed heavily to kids in the first two seasons with simple stories, very cartoonish animation, almost stereotypical characters, overdone themes, and constant unimaginative repartee.

I think it is time you opened your eyes and realized that they can market to that wider audience better than they did, as evidenced quite well by seasons 3-6.

If they were appealing to my demographic btw, they'd be making it a Michael Bay explosion ridden-shoot'em-up or a cheesy horror flick and I'm not big on either of those thanks.
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