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Beni, she was absolutely horrible in seasons 1 and 2, read the freakin comments in this thread more carefully and you'll see more than one argument so don't give me the "I haven't seen a good argument" BS because you just don't WANT to see it.

I know you like her, and that is fine. But you can't just deny that others have valid reasons to dislike her because you don't agree with them.

For instance, in seasons 1 and 2 we see her use stupid nicknames, is extremely naive, her story doesn't fit naturally into the existing canon at the time, she doesn't have much character development (in seasons 1 and 2), she is constantly being an obnoxious brat, she is a child with a lightsaber and flying starships as well as leading soldiers into battle (something no legitimate soldier would tolerate). etc...

The list goes on so don't give me or Tune your "you've failed to actually provide a reason" line again Beni. Just open your eyes for half a second.

All that said. I HATED her in seasons 1 and 2 (one of the reasons aside from Hippe Mandos that I refused to watch TCW for a long time), and if that was Lucasart's plan all along then it should have been buried long ago and never seen the light of day. However, her later stories especially her personal arc was something of adequate redemption and so I like her well enough now.
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So dont hate her, just the concept of her.
Tunewalker is approaching this subject from a different perspective here, not yours.

That said I understand people's reasons for disliking her, but I also feel this is simply a matter of perspective. I don't see it as bad writing at all, her initial character simply wasn't directed towards the older audience.

What I was asking of Tunewalker is examples say of her fitting clunkily into the story, or otherwise degrading its elements other than "I don't like her character" because as far as I'm aware she added a lot to each story she was in.

I mean really stupid nicknames, extremely naive? Are these not simply characteristics of a young individual who has yet to mature? A Padawan rough around the edges? Yet did she not have a fan following from the start?

I for one was not a massive fan, but I didn't dislike her, but then became one as she developed. But hate is a very strong word, and its certainly not what I felt, and certainly not one I'd apply to a character who simply didn't appeal to my tastes. And re-watching early episodes I don't find her annoying at all, in fact I enjoy her character.

But I think its beyond stupid, apologies, to think that it wasn't always the plan all along to have Ashoka grow and develop from the young, cocky etc. that we see in the earlier episodes into something more mature and developed.

I mean that's basic storytelling right there, see Luke Skywalker for details.

P.S. I think a lot of the undeserved hatred for TCW is because its not a dark and gritty adult TV show. I think its time that you opened your eyes and realised that Lucasarts had a duty to appeal to everyone, not just your demographic.