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Has any one heard of the term..... lazy writing. She wasnt mentioned in ROTS or ANY media before hand was because she wasnt invented until people wanted to milk more money. Thus they shoe horned her in and then swept it under the rug and pretended like she was their the whole time and they just didnt mention her cus it wasnt relavent.

People are making excuses for a bad writing team and concept team .

Like I said what they eventually do with her is good, because it went from lazy and bad concept to people picking up the peices and actually giving 2 cruds and making it work. Doesnt make the idea any less bad .
Forgive me but you've failed to actually provide a reason for why Ashoka's role in Season 1 and 2 was a bad one.

All you've said is that you think its pandering. Well that's your opinion, and no more meritorious than saying that Star Wars as a whole is just pandering towards sci-fi fans. Well duh.

Its called appealing to your audience, pretty important when writing stories.

EDIT: Every maybe thought that just maybe that what they eventually did with Ashoka was the plan all along?