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I've been cruising many Star Wars boards for a couple of weeks since I've started catching up on The Clone Wars on Netflix and I'm starting to get this overwhelming feeling people really hate the young Togruta. I don't get why? I thought she was one of the show's strongest points. Sure she was annoying when she was first seen. But she was also like 14 years old. Most 14 year olds are annoying and they don't have Force powers and a lightsaber to back up their attitude. Other than that, people point to how she doesn't make sense with Episode III. But a lot of things don't make sense with the prequels.

So I guess, if you love her or hate her, why? And please be more descriptive than "Cause she ruined Star Wars" because I don't buy that immature tripe.
Well you really hit the nail on the head as far as "she was annoying when she was first seen" and honestly that sentiment can be carried over through the entire first 2 seasons, which were both underwhelming and kiddy in the story and art departments and contributed greatly to the hate for her.

I personally disliked her completely till the 3rd or 4th seasons (her episode on Mandalore, as much as I hate the Hippie Mandos, was perhaps the turning point for me). And her personal story arc in season 5 was well done, so I don't hate her anymore, but I can't stand her in seasons 1 and 2 to this day.

Others hated the discontinuity of Anakin having a padawan for a length of time yet never mentioning her in Revenge of the Sith. They felt it was a major plot hole and that his having a padawan was a poor direction for his character. Someone else might better elaborate on this opinion, I'm just spewing someone elses words here as is.

A third potential avenue for hate might be the way her arc ended. If you've seen it you might understand why people dislike it and her in turn especially if you've seen season 6 (specifically her absence in that season). Some fans felt a tad betrayed, others felt it left too many loose ends. Either way, she gained a lot of fans and a lot of enemies with that arc.

Hope that helps a bit.
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