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The armor isn't exactly labelled Mandalorian but it is definitely Mandalorian especially design wise. Granted the top isnt the same but end of the day there is more than just this one set out there, i listed this link cause its the first one i could remember and personally i like the helmet better than the grunt helmet the cartel set has.

Another set with a more Mandalorian chest piece is this Hydra set.

Now i'm well aware these are higher level armor but my original point is that the sets are out there and they arent hard coded like the cartel set.
I looked at both, but wasn't particularly impressed with either. I am growing increasingly found of the a Mandolorian Hunter set. I'm not even sure I'm gunna put a dye mod on it. Since I obtained the entire set, and it was added to my collections, I have outfitted Mako with an entire set, and we are the Mandolorian Bounty hunter twins! I'm also a a Mercenary so the dual wield blasters only adds to the look. One of the other members said it looked better in person than in preview. I TOTALY AGREE! Preview does not do this armor justice! I have gotten innumerable comments on it! Every other bounty hunter is like, " DUDE! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT ARMOR! ITS AWESOME," if you are a fan of Mandolorians, and bounty hunters, YOU HAVE TO GET THIS ARMOR!
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Yes , mercenary involve standing there not moving and nuking the s*** out of the opponent with missiles missiles and missiles