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05.10.2014 , 05:56 AM | #316
I hate this boss fight. The basic idea of the mechanics to do it aren't too bad- kill the refueling droids, blow up the generator, or even just quickly dps the archon down.

But every time I fight the guy it's the bugs that kill me.

Untargettable refueling droids.
Droids or the archon appear to be in one place but the game thinks they are somewhere else.
Archon starts the fight full of energy stacks and opens with the mega laser. <-that one required an instance reset

I've soloed him twice and done it once with a group. Both solo endeavors were an exercise in frustration due to the particulars of this fight. Even his non-mega laser damage is not insignificant to a fresh 53-55 with no endgame gear, which is an entirely possible situation for a player who just play straight through.