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What you aren't taking into account from the DS quote is:
a.) it was 18 months ago - a lot can happen in 18 months. 18 month, while "more recently" is not relevant.
A lot certainly can happen in 18 months, an increase in level cap with 'Rise of the Hutt Cartel', the addition of an off rails team PVP space shooter, numerous cartel packs, return of the Rakghoul, a bounty event, several new dailies areas (Makeb, CZ-198 and Oricon) and the start of a new story chain in Forged Alliances. You make it sound like all Bioware Austin have been doing is twiddling their thumbs deciding whether they should or should not implement AC swap.I don't deny that it was some time ago, my point is that it was the last direct comment made on the subject by a dev that still works on the game.
b.) the very next sentence of the quote pertained to species change. Species change was added to the game within
a few months of that quote. Species change wasn't even part of the question asked.
Sequence in a reply does not denote roll out order. Species change was added as they had a product that pretty much required it (the Cathar).
c.) the quote from DS was given in an interview about the game becoming F2P.
And the game is still F2P. Not exactly sure how I overlooked this one?

I understand your point on the Devs remaining silent on this feature, I just don't see that as the truth. These devs are a lot more forthcoming with information than most games. We knew about Makeb months in advance, we knew about GSF months in advance, we know about Strongholds months in advance.
These are all large additions to the game that would have been placed in the roadmap and have considerable work to be done before release. I would imagine a good deal of information release is done as damage limitation from stuff that gets datamined, to try and limit expectations, and in the case of Player Housing to try and limit player drift towards other releases such as Wildstar.

As I said before, there have been 2 Digital Expansions since that quote was made. Species change is a reality but AC respec is not. That should be your first indicator that it probably will not become a reality. If it could be done, they have had time to do it and it would be here by now.
And once again, Species change had a product that would drive its uptake with the release of the Cathar.

And let's be honest, we don't know whether or not DS said something he shouldn't have said in the first place - which explains why it is never repeated in any interview, road map, pod cast, live cast, blog since.
I'm not sure if he's ever been asked the question directly again, I've watched quite a few of the Q&A sessions and devs don't tend to talk about stuff they've not been asked, it's considered bad form. However, I would love for any one going to the Vancouver Cantina event in the next week to put forward the question at that Q&A session You know, if you're going and just happen to be reading this question

Quite simply put, there is not a single shred of evidence that this item is even still on the Wall of Crazy. If it is, then it is obviously lower priority than reskinning what was ugly armor sets in the first place (ie putting lipstick on a pig).
There's no evidence that anything's on the wall of crazy unless you work in Bioware Austin. Features tend to get rolled out with regards to an internal roadmap, that roadmap is probably built on a framework of what development time they have and what challenges the game may face from competition. The uptake for AC swap is probably too low to consider rolling it out as a stand alone feature, however, should SWTOR classes eventually gain new ACs I see the potential uptake increased.
There are various teams that work on various aspects of the game.

I'm not completely against AC Respec. If it became a reality, I would in fact use it on my Mara and Sentinel. What I am diametrically opposed to, however, is any path to multiple AC respec. Which is to say you should only be allowed to change once per character. Ultimately, I just don't see this as an issue that warrants the amount of dev time it would take to do it properly.
So in other words your idea of how to do it properly is to make it so restrictive as to make it unappealing and place in a one shot limitation that would result in far more calls to customer service than I hate to imagine.
It will be interesting to see in the long term whether the AC feature is introduced over the lifespan of SWTOR. I find it slightly amusing that there is such a rabid defence of the status quo when the feature wouldn't impact on ability balance.

I seem to recall voicing one of the few hard based cons of AC swapping. That it would take away from development resources.

I'll add another cause I try to see both sides of an argument and focus on the practical issues.
If AC swapping was allowed as you level, depending at which point you chose to swap a new player could potentially face a bill for new abilities that they couldn't cover. Leaving them with a lengthy period of grinding for credits with an underpowered character.