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My justification is largely based on the fact that Damion Schubert is the lead system designer for SWTOR with a cv filled with MMO experience. Whereas Daniel Erickson was the lead writer, wonderful writer that he may be the presentation given by DS at the GDC ( )suggests the difficulties writers have to overcome when it comes to integrating their ideas into a game. Especially if they've never been near an MMO before.
Lord Artemis has far better recollection about DE's deviations from his own definition of what class and advanced class was meant to be.
Both quotes were in answer to a direct question about AC swapping. Given the chronological time frame, more recent is normally considered more relevant.

Is that not exactly the same as you're using them?
Despite the fact the Damion Schubert quote is more recent, factors in the change from a subscription only model to hybrid, and is actually made by someone still working on the game. Sure, I guess both quotes could be seen as about as relevant as each other
What you aren't taking into account from the DS quote is:
a.) it was 18 months ago - a lot can happen in 18 months. 18 month, while "more recently" is not relevant.
b.) the very next sentence of the quote pertained to species change. Species change was added to the game within a few months of that quote. Species change wasn't even part of the question asked.
c.) the quote from DS was given in an interview about the game becoming F2P.
SWTOR F2P & Future content interview with Damion Schubert
I understand your point on the Devs remaining silent on this feature, I just don't see that as the truth. These devs are a lot more forthcoming with information than most games. We knew about Makeb months in advance, we knew about GSF months in advance, we know about Strongholds months in advance.

As I said before, there have been 2 Digital Expansions since that quote was made. Species change is a reality but AC respec is not. That should be your first indicator that it probably will not become a reality. If it could be done, they have had time to do it and it would be here by now.

And let's be honest, we don't know whether or not DS said something he shouldn't have said in the first place - which explains why it is never repeated in any interview, road map, pod cast, live cast, blog since.

Quite simply put, there is not a single shred of evidence that this item is even still on the Wall of Crazy. If it is, then it is obviously lower priority than reskinning what was ugly armor sets in the first place (ie putting lipstick on a pig).

I'm not completely against AC Respec. If it became a reality, I would in fact use it on my Mara and Sentinel. What I am diametrically opposed to, however, is any path to multiple AC respec. Which is to say you should only be allowed to change once per character. Ultimately, I just don't see this as an issue that warrants the amount of dev time it would take to do it properly.