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05.10.2014 , 01:24 AM | #35
What scares me on this is that if there is too many undergeared players that get bolstered to Artifact level (which is I think less than recommend gear to Ops) then accomplishing might come hard. I am not saying 16 players on Artifact level are not able to do 55 SMs, if they know their jobs it will even be easy. But if these people have lvled with KDY and never learned to play their class/role, operation might turn.. Interesting. They may also think that bolster makes them gods KDY style and not bother to follow basic group play rules. Which is not true because Artifact level is barely enough to SM Ops.

I don't believe they will downbolster those who have better gear because then there is zero point to have gear (if you do only SMs
And unorganized PUG downbolstered under recommended gear lvl to those Ops is not very likely to succeed