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Point to facts instead of creating them, stand in the middle and try to point out that anything other than fact-point is opinion and you will find folks will take what you say to heart more often than not.
Fair enough, here are the facts:

On Nov 16, 2012, Damion Schubert spoke about Advanced class swapping in an interview:
On Dec 7, 2011, Steven Reid answered questions related to AC swapping, in a similar fashion:

Ironically, the source thread has since been deleted, but the screen capture still exists.
Another interesting fact is there have only been 47 threads, out of 147k asking for such a feature. None of those threads ever received an answer from BW.

Daniel Erickson: We have no plans for switching advanced classes - which we see as fundamentally different class designs- but dual spec is in the works and coming soon.
You'll note the bolded part above.

In another thread, BW opened a SECOND thread on the topic and never once commented in either thread:
Thread 2:
Thread 1:
Even Wikianswers acknowledges the permanency of your initial coice
That one really was just to lighten the mood.


“Folks, please don’t overreact about the possibility of something happening in the future.

Advanced Class switching (or re-speccing, take your pick) was, at one point, potentially going to go into the game. Right now, it’s not in the game. It could potentially be added after launch. Like, frankly, anything else. To quote Georg “we reserve the right to change our minds based on feedback and testing”.

This thread is feedback. It’ll be taken into account by the developers, along with the usual metrics we look at. I’ll say this much – any sort of Advanced Class changing is not under discussion for launch, or even right after launch.

Absolutely anything in the game is potentially open to change in the future. That’s part of what an MMO is about. Your feedback on those changes is absolutely welcome, but just because we say that yes, something may potentially happen in the future… that doesn’t make it a certainty.”
So there you have it… We’ll most likely be seeing some form of Advanced Class switching post-launch. Though it isn’t guaranteed. I don’t think it’s too surprising for BioWare to admit it’s a possibility at some point post-launch – as anything can be changed to meet the demands of the game as it continues to mature.

Advanced Class switching certainly seems to be a feature for a more developed game, and it’s certainly something that I see them adding at some point in the future. I do think that it should not be ‘easy’, and switching should involve some cost and effort for the player. How do you feel about Advanced Class switching? Do you think it’s something that is necessary, and if included at all – should it be costly or as easy as the press of a button?

Let us know your thoughts!
After such a posting, the thread was eventually deleted as the lack of interest was also apparent in the responses on the site which retained the original quote.


"Advanced Class change is in the game. 1st swap is cheap. After that it gets expensive"
Apparently, AC change made it all the way into the production line and was DROPPED at the last minute.

April 26, 2011

In another interview with TOR designer Georg Zoeller:

"Correct. The ability to respec your skill point distribution is still in the game.

Summary, since this is a confusing topic:

You can change your skill point distribution by paying credits at a vendor on your capital world. That has not changed.

You may or may not be able to change your Advanced Class, we haven’t decided on this one yet. If you can, the cost would be significant. That has not changed.

There is currently no plan to add dual spec (the ability to swap almost instantly between two skill point configurations) for launch. At this point, it seems not necessary for us, but we’re not opposed to add it at a later point / patch should we feel that the game would benefit from it.

Hope that helps.
Notice how in April, they say Maybe, in July they say yes, and then November they say "maybe later". It is obvious from the number of times the topic has been discussed, and the number of named BW staff interviews, that there was intent to add it to the game. So much, in fact, one interview actually said it was IN for launch, and later removed as a "maybe".

After 3 years, a half dozen interviews, and less than 50 thread topics on the subject, it would seem they have received their feedback. In most of the other threads, it was not a majority of rousing endorsements. I think this topic died a long time ago, and BW just doesn't want to step in and confess it. Do not take my word for it. Please look into all 47 threads and see how many times they responded. Even on a thread that hit level cap way back when, they even opened up a 2nd thread for it, and never once confirmed or denied any of it.
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