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I don't understand why there is even a need for this?

I am a casual player who spent most of their time PVPing, and even I can put together a PVE set that let me into all of the SMs, it only took a few hours to get a starter set together. I even did my first Dread Palace the other week, it was such a smooth run with no wipes. When I asked about joining the pug despite never having run it before they asked me about my gear and my response was clearly adequate because I got an instant invite after I told them my gear levels and that I was purple augmented.

Gearing for SM ops is ridiculously easy. You can farm gear for these ops in HM flashpoints and level 50 classic operations. Then when you are ready you can start with the lower level ops and progress through them as you win gear. By giving people bolster, you are basically giving them a shortcut to the higher end raids, without ensuring that they have had practice in clearing easier operations first.

Do you really want inexperienced people who haven't done many Ops before running around Dread Palace? It's not their gear that matters most, it's their situational awareness. A well geared newbie can easily wipe a raid by dropping fire on the melee or dropping away a platform under the tank.
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