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Yeah there's only examples like:
  • Major XP Bundle → Open it → Now you can sell 5 individual XP items
  • Starfighter Bundles → Open it → Now you can sell a bajillion individual Customizations / Canisters / Reactants / blahblah
  • Going Places → Open it → Now you can sell Rocket Boosts, blahblah individually
  • Thana Vesh's Armor Set → open it → Now you can sell 6 individual pieces
  • Starfighter Pack → Open it → oh look, Khem Val Customization 16 → wait 36 hours → sell it

So yes, this is unique in being the only Companion Customization sold directly via CM (if you exclude the Packs). It is not remotely unique in being a Bundle sold directly on CM, and it directly contradicts the behavior of every other bundle/pack/etc.

Like if I opened the box and it went "LOL YOU JUST BOUND THEM TO YOU" that'd be a little more cut-and-dry. Also evil, since it violates the precedent of every other Cartel package item. But logically evil.

But they're sitting in my inventory saying, "Binds on Equip". I can mail them to alts. I can trade them to other people.

Trying to comprehend why I can't list them on GTN.