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Well my guess is we'll have rotate function for item dropped on the floor but that's all, no Y axis setting and we'll have hooks for the walls even less scaling or roll.

Now, I might be wrong but the longest they keep from detailing the lack of flexibility the more they keep potential leaving players subbing. I mean the ones who are in for the palace reward.
All in all a $$$ move.
the hook thing sounds like a reasonable idea but i'm not sure we can predict that, considering variables like curved walls and connected walls at such an angle in which a piece on each might clip together. i am seriously hoping on huttesse rugs and those triangular tarps they have on the ceiling in hutt palaces. we already know rugs will be available because there was an imperial one in one of the very few pictures we have. i want my sky palace to look luxurious and frivolous, like any richer area on nar shaadda should be. i'm hoping for a Y axis, but with the size of that golden hut statue in the trailer i'd imagine only smaller items can be placed on the wall. even if some items on different walls clip, the versatility of a grid system would allow players to place it in a different place to avoid clipping, but curved walls probably will be free of items. hooks would make sense for the tarps, but i'd bet there would be pre-set areas where they could be put. the tarps i've seen are attached by ropes at the end, so i think those would be lengthenable to attach to the hooks. either that or hooks can be placed anywhere on a flat surface, save for the floor. then we could place them on the ceiling and let them hang down like i've seen.

i had subbed a few days after GSF, but i don't know if people still play because i stopped. other than adequate credits and experience, the only reward for completing missions and matches was for customizing ships, most of the customizations were completely cosmetic and only for CC. upgrades were costly and only usable in GSF, unlike pvp mods and other items. it got repetitive so i stopped, so now i only do wz, which i use to keep my adaptives up. despite also being repetitive, wz offer greater rewards. subbing is worth it, but contrary to a lot of people's belief, you don't have to be a sub to enjoy the game. preferred status is just great, subscription is perfect.
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