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The Harbinger has 20 for sale right now with the cheapest being 5.4 million. Keep in mind a few things here.

#1 - The absolute worst time to buy something from a CM pack is in the first few days after the pack has been released. Everything has a bind timer on it....and once those timers start wearing off, the first few people list items for ridiculously high prices. Others then start trying to undercut these prices but the undercutting has to work its way down from the ridiculously high start point as supply builds up.

#2 - There are no other Bantha mounts in the game. This is a pretty popular item which means people getting them in CM packs are much less likely to sell them. As additional color variations are released in future packs or through other methods, the price will come down just like it did with Tauntauns and Dewbacks.

#3 - The weekend is always the best time to buy as far as prices. More people online and supply off stuff on the GTN increases on the weekend which drives down the price as everyone tries to undercut each other. The weekend has just barely started....the price will continue to go down on Saturday and Sunday.

If you want a decent price, then you'll have to be patient and wait out the market. If not, then you're just the type of person that the sellers with the high prices are looking for. They are hoping that impatient people who gotta have it right now will pay their ridiculously inflated prices.
^^ Jim nailed it right there.

Once the blush wears off on the Bantha... I expect we will routinely see them in multiple colors and for well less then 2M credits on the GTN. But it will take a bit for that to happen.
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