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05.09.2014 , 05:37 PM | #21
My guess is that SM is underutilized by the game masses, and this is intended as a method to boost participation. The unfortunate side effect of that (as witnessed in PVP) is that when you allow undergeared players to run difficult content they are not prepared for hilarity and pandemonium will ensue....

I think perhaps one way to provide the status quo and boost participation would be to offer both bolstered and unbolstered, but again, that divides up the players. When something is underutilized you usually do not continue to support that underutilization. The intent is to boost participation, and if that is the case this is probably the only solution.

Case in gear is perfect for my casual PVE play. I do not run SM. Ever....well, I think I run Esseles and Black Talon for the light or dark side points when I need them, but other than that I have little interest in them. There are some I have never done. Just didn't have an interest.

However, with this change I may reconsider. That might have been the intent.