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Having dual spec or tri spec would increase peoples options. Advanced class swapping is more like saying hey I am bored with my mage and now I want a warlock. Advanced classes aren't even close to resembling one another in some cases. However this is just an option to change the class of your character for a cost and getting a whole new class without ever learning the difference between it and the other AC.
And yet they share the same class story, the same appearance customisations, the same companions, the same ship, the same class buff, the same heroic moment unlock, around half their abilities and one specialisation tree. No they are not similar in any way shape or form
Advanced Class seperates out some abilities you would not want to be on the same character at the same time (self heals and ability to tank), and allows the PR machine to talk up the numbers a bit. But, behind the scenes at the level of design they are a subset of class, just a second stage of specialisation.

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also it is not about getting the last word or about being right it's about discussing an idea that was mentioned 18 months ago one time for a brief moment in an interview on another site. Since then the only people interested in this particular feature are the vocal minority in this thread. They need to accept the fact that the person who gave the interview no longer gives a rat's behind about this particular feature otherwise he would have stepped in here in the last 237 pages and said something.
I really don't think you're qualified to speak on Damion Schubert's behalf, and I'm sure as Lead system designer he has far more to think about than a minor squabble between forumites. As to vocal minority, I think the for and against are both very vocal and also in the minority on this feature.