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Except this is purchased directly from Cartel Market, the entire point of which is to provide you items you can resale if you desire to, and every single other Bundle, Pack, and Box that comes out of CM produces a handful of individually-saleable items if you open it.

Can anyone think of a single counter-example here?
/bug-report it (in game and up in the bug report forum).

If it's a bug.. they will most likely acknowledge it and it will get fixed.

NOW.. that said.. let me explain why I think in this case.. it is working as intended:

1) it's a customization kit on the CM.. and those can be free traded as long as they are unopened.
2) once you open the kit.. the three customizations bind to you. Why? Could be an oversight.. but it's probably to discourage people popping kits and selling off the pieces... since these are customizations not normal gear.
3) As far as I know.. there is no comparable precedent in the CM to stratify what the bind policy is on companion customization kits. Isn't Treek customizations the only example of a CM kit with multiple customizations in it??

Anyway... you have to bug report things if you want then looked into.
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