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I really can't stress how important I feel this one point is as to the overall appeal of the feature. If the feature uses hooks exclusively, like LotRO, I expect the reaction will be on the lukewarm side. I don't expect it to fall flat mind will have some appeal, but overall it will not have the impact it could....

...but, if you use open moving decoration instead, like the XYZ control setup in SWG for interior decorating I think it will be a smash. I realize there may be some problems with this....

1) Unlike SWG it may not be possible to display models of items outside their intended use, like dropping and displaying armor pieces.

2) There may be items that folks would desire to decorate with, but lack in game models to do so.

But I feel I must stress, that even with these limitations, if present, having an open decorating system like SWG would be a huge draw for the feature, even if there are not that many decoration-ready items that one can drop in their house.

The point is, it would give the feature the maximum potential for future expansion, as you could add models to items and allow them to be dropped as decorations, add craftables, quest items, rewards, etc. The cartel market could come into play here for some of the best decorations available, not to mention the ability to purchase additional special rooms to expand your home.

Things like:

Entertainment, gambling, target dummies, dance floor....etc. to drop all of your vehicles
Trophy to place defeated mob models, trophies, etc.

Just to name a few.

The possibilities for both profit for Bioware and players are endless IMO.
I always wanted on my ships a way to display special as well meaningful weapons of all kinds, hang'em up some how. Being up on the walls or a display case or both. So yes i loved to be able to display all the things he has mentions as well as weapons/sabers, which will probably fall under the same Category's he had spoke of.
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