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DarthDymond, thanks for the great info, very detailed and very helpful. You cleared up a lot of questions I had but I realize I have just a couple of others.
Glad to be of assistance.
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I think the game should have had it as a title option rather than a last name kind of thing. Unless you are serious into the roleplaying aspect of online games (not that there's anything wrong with it) I can't see a use in having all your characters with the same last name since we name our alts with cool sounding names. I mean Odysseus Saxon just doesn't fit, or a smuggler/sniper named Doc_Holliday Saxon ... even worse. But have a title "of the Saxon Legacy" would be much better, IMHO of course.
I'm either misunderstanding your point here or you may have missed part of my reply (it was pretty long so no shock if something got lost in the shuffle), but just to reiterate there is an option very much like what I think you're describing:
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Through your Character Sheet name options, you can also chose a "Legacy Title" to display (these are unlocked across the whole Legacy, Anglo unlocking one of these titles makes it available to Dominicus, etc), and one of the options will be your legacy name as "The Saxon Legacy". Displaying your Legacy name that way is mutually exclusive with other Legacy Titles you can unlock through Achievements and Reputation grinding. So you have to chose between:
Lord Dominicus
The Saxon Legacy
Lord Dominicus
Hero of Section X
Sorry if I'm misunderstanding what you're saying there though.
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Here's something odd, my first level alts that I just re-created on this server all have the legacy tab flashing. I did have a ... 29th ? level character on here but deleted him to start over and experience the game from the start. I figured after being gone two years, that would be the best way to get back into it. Maybe my old guy got to the legacy level and triggered it available for the server, who knows. Just odd since he's been deleted.
Yeah, sounds like your Legacy just got "activated" for that server as soon as your character got to that point and stayed "on", deleting a character doesn't usually impact the Legacy as a whole (so for example, if you only got one Character to Dark V and then delete that character, you don't lose the Sacrifice unlock), so I guess it makes sense it would extend to activating the Legacy itself.

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My legacy name on a different server that I set up like a week before I stopped playing was Evocati_Augusti (the elite of the Roman Praetorian Guard) so I'm guessing my name would have looked like Dominicus_Saxon Evocati_Augusti ? Is that right ?
Correct, if the Character name was Dominicus_Saxon and the Legacy Name was Evocati_Augusti, then the default way it would display is Dominicus_Saxon Evocati_Augusti.

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Oh, can I have a dash at the start of the legacy name, i.e.: Dominicus_Saxon - Evocati_Augusti ? Now that would work cuz it would look like a title more than a last name.
Pretty sure the only character you can't have is a space. Though I've never tried, making your Legacy name into "-Evocatu_Augusti" seems like it should work, although I can't say with 100% certainty.

Picking a name that works well with "The _____ Legacy" as your Legacy title might work better though. I personally never use my Legacy name as a surname, but have that Legacy title displayed on three of them.
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