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Let's make it simple: players won't have free item placement, then we might better not expect advanced features like roll or scale items.

To be clear features like above aren't mandatory and one could certainly end with a nicely furnished house without them.

Now from a player point of view, we know others games provides such features and even way more.
Sadly games who went the shorter route (like LotRo) disappointed the player base interested in such game play.

In the end it might hurt your player base more than not adding these.
Because once the feature is in game, players know the core design won't ever change.
Then you have them disappointed and everything you're going to write down won't change their opinion.

P.S.: Anyway thanks for the honest answer, appreciated
we better have a 90 degree turn, grid-style system, i can't imagine anything else besides some stupid pre-set thing. if they don't i am very certain it will hurt the population, but i am not sure he meant that we won't, only the situation is too complicated to explain without giving too much away or they are simply giving an excuse not to tell us because they know we want to know badly. by not telling us they set up for major anticipation, which gets people's interests. also, for some reason companies in every industry feels the need to not tell us everything in the beginning. mega bloks won't tell us their upcoming halo and call of duty sets until the next toy fair in new york, swtor is the same way. i've heard its because other companies steal ideas but i really have no frickin clue.
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