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JimG said it very well.

Now, if by some miracle they don't have another release of Bantha mounts -- either recolors, or putting this one in another pack too -- I don't doubt that the price for this mount will remain rather high. Unlike the Zeldrate mount, which had one release and no recolors but is still pretty inexpensive, the Bantha is a lot more popular. But there are oodles of Tauntans and Varactyls released, so even though they are quite popular, you can easily pick one up for under a mil on the GTN.

Personally, I love the Bantha mount, it is so cute! But I can't see myself buying one unless it dips to 1 mil or less. As awesome as it is, I don't think it is versatile enough for me to justify a higher price. Not a lot of places I'd want to use a bantha mount, y'know?
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