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IMO there are a couple of issues. First is player expectation that once they get to cap and spend time earning bis gear that it will never ever get replaced. IMO, that is immature but is still happens. The second is the value of the BIS gear should be worth more. The reason it isn't worth more is the tiny cap increase.

If we had an expansion that went from 55 to 80 and that BIS gear didn't start getting replaced until say level 75 (pulled that number out of my ...) it would be seen as more valuable and worth pursuing.
BIS isn't BIS for all time, its BIS for current content. Once that content changes, BIS becomes "next best" and so forth.

If 50-55 is any indication, BIS will work for leveling and probably SM flashpoints without the need to grind, but will not be sufficient for ops. With rakata gear I was able to get passed Makeb easily and replace some gear with crafted and drops as you leveled. Once we hit level cap we were sufficiently geared for 55 HM and SM operations. But attempting to do 55SM operations in pure rakata gear was ill advised.

tl;dr BIS will work for awhile, but will probably be replaced quickly by both crafted gear and drops from quests/flashpointes etc. new BIS will only be gained from the level capped HMs and will need to progress as usual to get there.