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It is inevitable guys you know it's going to happen. What I am wondering is what they are going to do to make the transition for us 55 geared-out-the-*ss guys who really don't want to regear our toons, a smooth one. Or maybe not smooth, rip it off like a bandage. Don't leave me in wait for the stuff that is to come. Tell me so I am prepared.

I would also like to know how the commendations system is going to be altered. There are so many different comms for us 50+'s at the top from basic to ultimate. Will they all become useless? Who has played an MMO and has experience with what happens to us when 60 hits.

My gear. I love the way my toon looks right now. I've gotten several compliments on my 55 Sentinel Maddelyn.
"Maddelyn you look like a G!" Is my favorite so far. I have seen controversy over the expanding armor sets looking worse than the items back at 50.

What is in store for the Galaxy we love so much? If anyone has any info on the plans for the future please share.
IMO there are a couple of issues. First is player expectation that once they get to cap and spend time earning bis gear that it will never ever get replaced. IMO, that is immature but is still happens. The second is the value of the BIS gear should be worth more. The reason it isn't worth more is the tiny cap increase.

If we had an expansion that went from 55 to 80 and that BIS gear didn't start getting replaced until say level 75 (pulled that number out of my ...) it would be seen as more valuable and worth pursuing.
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