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It's not going to affect me all that much because I have a guild and we run our own raids but I'm still not understanding why we need bolster in SM 55 ops anyway. The Makeb commendation gear is more than good enough for people to do SM EV and KP and get the old 63/61 gear. In the mean time they can do Oricon and get almost a full set of basic gear. With a mix of 66 (from Oricon and basic comms) and 63/61 gear (from EV, KP and classic comms) a toon at 55 should be more than capable of running SM TfB.

So why implement bolster?

If I, a 55 in mostly 78's, want to queue for the classic weekly and I get grouped with a level 51 in Makeb modded gear, and put into SM EV or KP that's fine. The level 51 gets a shot at some lower level purple OPS gear and we both get comms.

So why implement bolster?

If I queue again for SM TfB weekly and am grouped with a 55 in a mix of Oricon 66's and 63's, that's fine too. He gets a shot at progressing his gear the right way and I get comms and my weekly done. All is well.

So why implement bolster?

The problem as I see it isn't that gear is hard to get it's that with the addition of Makeb Bioware has confused the gear progression. NOT the fact that people can't get the gear to do SM OPS.

I am totally in favor of anyone from 50 - 55 using group finder for all level appropriate 8 man and 16 man OPS. I think that's a fine idea, and should have been implemented from the start, but:

Why implement bolster?
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