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05.09.2014 , 02:14 PM | #29
It did not ruin my day. I was spoofing all the other threads about no happiness for any new features. I do find it ironic that from all companions it's Bowdaar, who is not going to change much at all, while most romanceable companions for a female PC need significant improvement. Particularly compared to the male pc romances who all have customizations one prettier than another, and nearly every species choice in the game.

I mean, a male char starts looking at customizations, and it's like: Do I want her to be gorgeous blonde or amazing read-head, or a smoldering brunette? A female char is like... Okay, which one I can look at without wincing? And only one has a BT3, and that a one-night stand. And then Bio goes and plants drop-dead gorgeous males all over the game, without flirting options. Most of them you get to kill too. YAY!