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05.09.2014 , 02:06 PM | #1
Never noticed this Bundle in the CM before, so I bought the Bundle for Treek Customizations.

With every other Bundle under the sun, if you open the Bundle the individual items remain BoE and get their own 36 hour timer, after which they can be sold.

Examples: Major XP Bundle (open it, now you have 5 saleable XP boosts), Going Places Basic Bundle (open it, now you can sell the Rocket Boost unlock individually, etc).

Timer expired on the Treek customizations that came out of the Bundle, and everything checks out tooltip-wise:
  • Binds on Equip
  • Cartel Market Item
  • No other indications of anything different about this than say, Khem Val Customization 16

When I try to list it, the GTN spits it back at me with "You may not sell Treek Customization 1".

Selling only the bundle would be silly, because no one wants to buy something they can't Preview. Obviously you'd want to break open the bundle and list them individually.

So, is this... a bug? Anyone know why it's doing this?