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Ohhhhh the possibilities... but I'll limit myself to core development.

I'd flat out tell them to quit trying the tease. You can get away with that if your population is excited but this is not the case for many people now. We've been begging them for solid info for many moons and they've been more miserly with details than Scrooge McDuck and his wallet. Nope, the "exciting new" and "something big" are just sounding like desperate marketing at this point.

The next thing I'd tell them is that they absolutely must step back and fix the cadence. Reserving multiple releases for a single aspect is KILLING them. This is an MMO and content is king. Ops, FPs, Warzones and now GSF need fresh content releases at a reasonable rate. As mentioned before, new modes of existing content does not count as "fresh".

Oops, there is one operational suggestion: Weekly server reboots. Even if there is no patch, the servers get bounced every Tuesday. I and many in my guild notice that the longer those servers go without a patch (and presumably a reboot) the flakier and buggier things get.
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