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i just came back after about a year of not playing because i now have more time on my hands but when ever i go to a planet theirs only 10-20 people there. i enjoy the game but it makes it really boring if theirs no one to play with. so im just wondering if i should just cut my losses and find a new MMO or stick around and hope for the best.
How in the world is any supposed to give you a legitimate answer to this? No one can predict the future or how many players will join the game or return to the game or stay playing the game or leave the game. Not sure what server you're playing on, but The Harbinger never has any shortage of players. I'm assuming you're aware of planet instances. If not, then you should check the instance when you arrive on a planet and always switch to Instance 1 if you're worried about finding players because you may just be zoning into a lower pop instance of the planet. Honestly, though, there are many players who don't group up for leveling on planets so the raw number of players on a planet is pretty useless info. If a lot of players don't group up for planet leveling, then they won't do you much good whether they are there or not.

In the end, you either enjoy playing the game or you don't. That's not a question for anyone else to answer for you or tell you what you think. It's up to you and, if you don't enjoy playing the game, then move on. Frankly, the fact that you're unsure about whether you enjoy the game enough to even solicit opinions as to what you should do is pretty telling. Seeking validation of either route on the forums is pointless. You should make up your own mind.