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That's a point I was going to make. Most of the old "OMG I NEED THIS!" mounts are still listed for a few millions, but they never seem to sell (same seller names keep popping up) and once in a while someone puts one up for 1-2 million. Those usually get snagged pretty fast but even those remain unsold for some of the older ones.
I've started noticing this too.

I'm not sure how some of these sellers have the time, GTN slots, or inventory to do this, but I see their same overpriced items sitting there relisted for weeks on end.

And they obsessively undercut any competitor overpricers within like an hour. (what do they do all day? )

I guess if you're patient enough all you have to do is make a few sales per week to pay off? It just seems so tedious, I prefer to keep my inventory flowing with a high-volume / market price approach.