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Have you ever gone through a level expansion before?

In case you haven't, I'll explain it for you:

Those in BiS gear now won't be upgrading their gear from 55 until 60 when they start doing the new 60 HM FPs.

Those in lesser gear(Ultimate vendor gear), will likely upgrade their gear at about 58 and up.

Those in Elite gear will likely see gear upgrades at about 56 or so.

The goal is to create a gearing path that enables people to jump from Makeb leveling content to the new 55-60 leveling content without much stress on the levelers.

Basic gear and Elite gear is likely to be removed like Tionese and Columni gear were removed, while Dread gear is likely to be reclassified as Classic gear.
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Infernixx nailed it. This is correct.
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