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And, non-human species changes for the humans TOO!

My wet dream is the flexible appearance companion customization.

Just open the damnable terminal for the companions without unlocking the race to the PC! Extra CC for species change (I can deal with Rona being related to Riggs through marriage not by blood, during the 5 min of the game (out of 3+ months playing with him) his species might have slight bearing on the story), less CCs to shave off the "I am a sleaze, dontccha know it?" beard off Doc, and super-CCs for making them Premium races like Torguta (then I can happily abandon my M!Inquisitor) and Nautolan (that species can make even Doc appeal).

And, at least one customization where Vector has shiny black eyes. Nautolan can, so the Joiner can too. Yep. Everyone creates lore all the time. We can do too.

Finally Guss as Nautolan is sooooo obvious and so fun! I mean, Kit Fess who did not make it, yes, yes? Anyone else is feeling it?!

Linkie to the preview?
I would love a Vector with shiny black eyes. I also wish we could play as Nautolans or Togruda. I would so roll a Nautolan smuggler if I could. I haven't got Guss so have no clue what he's like. But Doc is my fave companion, and he's perfect as is. I actually rolled a female Jedi again just so I could play through the romance. Might have to roll another to play through it again.
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