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It's been talked about, but since I've been playing it, the "Archer Clarion":


This build, unlike the heal probe build, is instead a burst build. It is very good at threatening a single opponent on cooldown, similar to the power of lockdown EMP scout, but with more survivability, greater frequency, and less of a guaranteed kill.

Your goal is to lock a thermite torpedo (a proton can also work for this purpose, but it changes the build some and won't be addressed here) and as the lock is going out, remote slice your foe. Your remote slicing needs to be fully mastered and configured to shut down engine components.

Against opponents with multiple missile breaks, this is less interesting, but still potent- you can wait for them to blow their other one, or only press it just as you release if you have reason to believe they will jam the engine button first and not have time to realize the issue and press their shield or system button. You can also simply lock down an enemy that your allies are on.

When you need to get a kill, quad lasers are your main option, and you can use an offensive crewmember cooldown to help you out. This combined with a thermite is simply devastating.


Primary Weapon: Quad Laser Cannon (T4 Increased Critical Hit Chance, T5 Increased Hull Damage)
Given the ranges you'll often be forced to engage at, Quad lasers is a solid choice. You want extra hull damage, as many of your abilities will get hull damage through shields.

Secondary Weapon: Thermite Torpedoes (T4 Increased Firing Arc, T5 Increased Duration)
The larger circle can really help you get a lock, and since many of your shots will take place under the guiding hand of remote slicing, the slower projectile speed is not a huge deal. It won't break the build to take the increased speed, however, and this also is better for if you are shooting without the increased speed. Increased Duration is definitely superior, and if the tooltip had been correct when Stasie wrote it, I would guess he would press for this as well. Now that we know the debuff apparently eliminates hull DR completely for the duration and grants 20% shield piercing, making it longer is a solid gain over plasma unless your opponent successfully hides from your whole team- in which case, the extra damage is likely wasted in any event.

Engine:Power Dive (T3 Increased Turning Rate)
Locating and finding asteroids has never been easier! Every 10 seconds, you can break a missile lock by turning yourself inside out upon the nearest stone!

In seriousness, the advantage of this move is that you will enjoy a lot of safety from missiles, even the frustrating clusters that scouts bring to bear. With practice, you will explode yourself less and less. Another advantage of this move is that it actually MOVES you a distance, so you can simply keep your "down" near a rock such that you can dive almost to it and immediately LOS whatever is locking you. Turning helps you lock a thermite, just as in the standard build.

Systems:Remote Slicing (T4 Engine Power Reduction, T5 Engine Suppression)
The T4 is without merit, but the T5 is the whole reason for the ability. It also drains shields by 660 over its duration, but does not alone stop shield regeneration- meaning that pressed all by itself, it offers very little. If you instead support the drain with quads and a thermite, it adds up in a very powerful fashion.

The limit here is the 40 second cooldown. Don't be afraid to press this on a target who is being locked by allies who have other missiles, especially concussions. Used properly, this move is an execution sentence at best and a 10-ish second CC at worst, with an opponent switching from offensive to defensive modes.

Shields: Directional Shields (T3 Reduced Delay)
This is just a lot of shields, and you can be a bit more aggressive versus some targets by redirecting shield power. The left option is generally superior to the right option.

Sensor:Range Sensors
Strike Fighters have poor sensors baseline, but with these you'll be able to see targets pretty far out. Since your kill cycle involves a lock followed by a boost, this can help you sight enemy gunships to ensure you aren't boosting into a firing squad.

Reactor: Large Reactor
Large Reactor is Only Reactor. The others are barely worth using on builds tailored precisely to them, sadly. A second choice here could be turbo, but you will generally do better in all situations with large.

Armor: Lightweight Armor
Lightweight is the best versus railguns and dogfighters, and those are your big threats. You shouldn't be going through minefields, and power dive should help you against most missiles.

Capacitor: Frequency Capacitor
The highest dps capacitor, all three capacitors are pretty solid. Ranged gives you a bit more damage and accuracy at all ranges, plus unlocks a larger range to begin shooting at, and damage gets the damage done without increasing cost. But I choose frequency because it capitalizes on the relatively narrow windows of effectiveness the best.


Copilot: Salana Rok / Akaavi Spar (Wingman) -OR- Nadia Grell (Bypass)
Evasion is powerful, so things that break that are even more powerful. This will help you get your kills during thermites. If you find yourself focused or too vulnerable, swapping to the standard crewmembers (who bring running interference) is a fine choice.
A Republic-only option here is Bypass. While nerfed, adding even MORE hull piercing to your kill cycle, especially to a thermite impact, is a really big deal. This is more beneficial versus very shieldful targets, such as bombers running to their nodes.

Offensive: Jaesa Willsaam / Qyzen Fess (2 degrees to firing arc, 6% accuracy)
Exactly the same as the standard build, and for the same reasons. The arc is just so important here, and 6% accuracy is always great.

Defensive: Vector / Nadia Grell (10% shield power pool, 5% evasion)
The same as in the standard build, and for the same reasons. These are just the best survival you can normally get.

Tactical: Salana Rok / Akaavi Spar (depth of field & communication / silent running & communication)
Both of these give you the excellent Wingman buff, an important but optional part of your kill cycle. Quad lasers that hit a thermited target are very valuable, and as such I run the accuracy group buff over the evasion group buff.
Alternate: If you are running Bypass here, you could instead take Elarna Dorne for extra sensor range, or any one else in tactical for that matter.

Engineering: Yuun / 2VR8 (13% blaster efficiency, 13% engine efficiency)
To sustain your more costly frequency capacitor and delay going out of energy, the double efficiency crewmember pushes out the double engine crewmember. You have power dive, which gets you a bit further.