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My guild won't be leaving, but we definitely are bored. Most only login for operations and even NiM isn't really stirring the pot. I'll patiently wait though. Because Dammit, I love this game
My guild aren't considering NiM content at the moment, largely because we're not cutting-edge players (sounds harsh, but it's true). We do hard mode, but I think we're suffering burn out because my god this content, it's been around ages. We may not have the Council or Bestia on farm mode, but it's a drag to go there every week with no end in sight. If this raid's going to be around for another six or ten months, why hurry?

So yeah, they're discussing WildStar. I don't see the attraction, personally, but I'm really wondering why I'm here as well. It's not so much "love" as "there's nothing else on the market I really want to try", and that's not really a sustainable attitude to have in your customers.

They're getting better with their fight designs, I feel (again, I'm not a world class raider so my opinion probably isn't worth much in that regard), but they're also a long time in coming. There's no story content to add in, either (oh, Forged Alliances, you mean the flashpoint you can finish in your lunch break? Such story, much content.) or even - heaven forbid - daily areas to pad it out with, and levelling alts is like pulling teeth. Not for speed, but for for the fact I can't be arsed with the planets any more.

But I guess with the bolster I can run around in empty shells and still be fine? Whoo. Such a drive to do the content and get the shinies.