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Well, most of this is just flipping a switch to turn on recycled events or dbl commendations or whatever. The gree event? That's not content, that's artificially extended content from a year ago. And once again they say nothing about the "big" thing being released later in the year after the instanced player housing I probably won't ever even go into on any of my characters.

Bruce, when players are legitimately concerned about the slooooooow flow of content and the direction of the game (amidst a season of other MMOs being released) teasing about things that could convince people to stick around is a terrible and naive idea. At the very least you should be talking big picture details about this "big" thing released, and get more specific in the next few months. Because honestly, from what I've seen from Bioware in the past regarding SWTOR when you simply say "something big" being planned I have no faith whatsoever that it's going to be something in any way impressive or worth staying until the fall for.

So a resounding MEH from me.
Pathetic updates. They are in the maintenance mode, and I would not be surprised if the big announcement is closure of the game on behalf of another EA MMO