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Nice Job,

A few small comments/thoughts.

1. Just for clarity if there are any first-timers CZ's mine is Concussion Mine, not Corrosive.

2. While I'll do agree with the gear breakdown, I think it would be useful to include the actual stat bonuses (+xxx Crit, +xxx Power) your recommended gear gives. Because while it may not be as optimal, you can still get pretty close to those secondary stat levels with alternate gearing strategies (using a crit/surge enhancement and a power mod vs. a crit mod and power/surge enhancement).

3. I'm curious why for Tyrans you prioritize BF-SC-Adrenal for the adds in the future, when using the adrenal on the first add would allow for it to be available again sooner in the fight, without changing the idea of one DPS bonus to help with each add.

4. You say this under your Nefra strategy. "This DoT will reduce the damage of Adrenaline Rush" I assume damage is supposed to be CD.

5. Personally, I don't like getting Raptus' crystal on the 3rd phase. If you are able to get Brontes down quickly enough, you have more than enough time to DPS Raptus before he becomes active that you won't lose aggro on him. And as you mention, you also have a taunt if need be. Once you get the crystal, he's on you, no matter what. If you get knocked off and/or die, it becomes impossible to re-control raptus because he'll just jump around to whoever. If you leave his crystal on his throne, and you do die (I've died to a skull DM while I was out-of-range of a healer) another DPS (if applicable) can taunt and pick up your kiting duties while you get a res.

6. One of the most unfortunate things about VGs in DF/DP is lack of a self-cleanse. While kiting make sure your healers/cleansers are aware of where you are/where you're going to be while kiting, because it's pretty easy to get a skull when you're in the corner and out-of-range. And it's quickly a GG if you/your cleanser can't make up enough ground quickly to cleanse in time.
For NiM Nefra if you run a group that does not have many self or off-cleanses, it becomes high priority to rotate your DCDs effectively for each DoT and the 15 stack twin attack. Diversion will aid in resist chance of all DoTs (Nefra, Tyrans, etc.) and should be looked at equally as a moderate defensive and a threat drop.