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I am doing rapid shots right after Railshot/High Impact Bolt, is that a dps increase or loss? It seems to help me with my heat by a lot. I'm coming from a heavy PVP atmosphere so I have only just recently started with PVE.
Depending on how much ammo (or heat) you currently have, sometimes its good to rapid shots after a rail shot, other times you can wait a little longer. I tend to find its ok either way, so I put it in the middle for a more easy to remember system (as Stockstrike/Rocket Punch will never come off cooldown in that specific cooldown I have Hammer shots listed).

A good thing to remember is so long as your Ammo/heat is below 90, its fine to use either hammer shots/rapid shots or Ion Pulse/Flame Burst. Try not to Ion Pulse/Flame burst or Stockstrike/Rocket Punch when below 76 heat without resource return cooldowns though

Speaking of which, im also gonna have to add Powertech Terminology after I get a nice parse uploaded aren't I

Also, the PTS is empty D: - I brought over a boatload of mats so I could upgrade my 50/50 split of underworld/dread forged into full dread forged and no one is there! Well 12 people were there, but 8 of them were doing NiM dread palace and the rest were low level smugglers
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