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Seems to me the poll isn't that really speaking because anyone can choose to hit all answers.

Now, redo it and have people make a real choice then we'll speak.
Even if most people selected all answers, this would still be telling of which new items would be preferred. Personally, I opted for the Class Story, mini-games, customizations. So far, I am loving being back in the game and have already completely unsubbed, uninstalled, and perma-deleted my almost 8 year account on WoW.

Not sure why I ever left this game. It has so much MORE to offer and actually thanks its patrons for sticking with them.

As for the "Now, redo it and have people make a real choice then we'll speak.", seems a little demanding, and is far from necessary. I think this style of poll speaks greater volumes about what people want and not just endgamers looking to upvote OPs/FPs. I would rather see this style of poll as it is wide open and still provides adequate information.
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