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05.02.2014 , 09:39 PM | #189
New Pike Build.... In tandem and honor of verain's T1 strike...... The Whiskey Pike

Primary weapons: light laser cannons (crit chance, Hull damage buff)
We all no why, high rate of fire, good damage, low tracking penalty means even if poor aim you might get something off, if you have good aim it hurts a lot.

Secondary weapon: Consusive Missile (Increased Range, Engine targeting)

Make the enemy slower and your slow ship can feel fast.

Secondary Weapon: Ion Missile (increased Range, Engine ionize)

Again slower means easier to hit, you dont want to hit some squirly target when you can barely fly straight. And it makes you feel faster and more like a scout.

Shield: Quick Charge, (60% continual regen)
more mobile and less shields, but with a button that refreshes it. Need I say more, obviously will make your Pike feel so much more like a scout with its low shields and high mobility. You need to get in close best way to do it.

Engines: Shield power converter (increased shield power)
More shields, means you can be more tanky, and who has time to remember to hit an engine maneuver when you hear a missile lock, some one is just going to lock another missile any way.

Armor: Light weight
evasion means everything can miss you so good stuff

Capacitor: Damage
Because even if you can only hit every now and again you might as well have it hurt a little

Magazine: Munitions
Your a missile boat acting like a knife fighter, you are still a missile boat so more missiles means more debuffs means more on their tail

Thrusters: Regen Thrusters
Because you want to be like a scout in efficiency so the more efficiency the better.


Offensive: Improved Firing Arc, Pin Pointing

Easily the best offensive choices on any ship

Defensive: Power to shields, Response Tuning

Best defensive choices on just about any ship

Tactical: your choice/ Prefrence

Engineering: Power to Engines, Efficient Engines.

Co-pilot: Lock down, because the slower you can make your opponent the faster you will feel .