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Not happy to hear this, but on balance BW has earned more than enough good will in my book to not be too upset about it.

It's just that for me the fact that they were going to be releasing a new ship class was a strong indication that they were serious about supporting all the various aspects of the game that they've included. I was struck by the idea that, while they easily could have said "we gave you a new game mode, we'll throw out a new map every now and then - but mainly we're moving on to the next 'new shiny' feature" it looked like they were instead going the extra mile, and I was really impressed by that.

Of course I understand that nature of limited time and resources and the need to allocate where you'll get the most bang for your buck, but the sense that BW was actually to a point where they'd be able to successfully release multiple new expansions while at the same time making significant improvements to previous ones... well that had me extremely optimistic.

Oh well, like I said, it is an understandable choice.
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