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04.30.2014 , 11:27 AM | #186
Here is what I am running in my Quell. It is definately one of my favorite ships. I like to start out a domination match with a barrel roll/ after burner to the node, then open up with a torp to an incoming enemy, then I hit f2, turtle up and try to hold the node. Quads and clusters work pretty great for defending the node or busting turrets for the capture.

Quad lasers - crit & dmg to shield
Cluster missiles - range & plasma warheads
Proton torpedos - speed & range
Quick Charge Shields - regen during dmg
Barrel roll - turning
Lightweight armor
Damage Capacitor
Munitions cap extender
Speed thrusters

Crew :
Copilot - MZ-12 (hydro spanner)
offence - MZ-12
defense - Writch Hurley
tactical - Malavai Quinn
engineering - Avren Geth
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