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04.30.2014 , 07:25 AM | #24
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Pretty sure that this patch was to fix something chat related such as ooo I dunno "permanent disconnection from the chat server" as to quote BioWare. I guess their definition of fixing something is doing the opposite. And to think I actually pay a monthly subscription fee and what do I get in return? Patches that fix bugs but adds more bugs, and patches that are to fix something but breaks it all together. You'd think EA would actually be on top of this with the dwindling subscriptions, oh wait, they are more concerned about making a new MMO with Disney cause we all know how great a company they are.
From what I heard, the chat problems started even before yesterday's maintenance, so it was just bad luck that it fell in the same timeslot as the patch, and was not the fault of the patch.

Nevertheless, I do appreciate Musco's post. It is great that they offer so much transparency on this issue.
Also, as bad as this bug is, I really like the response to it. After so many bugs where they waited until regular maintenance or when the weekend was over, it is encouraging to see that they will still work overtime when there is a pressing issue.

Let's hope this will be fixed soon!