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some of you are getting way to hung up on what label is used... legends is the same thing as c-canon.

the story group is now in the role that lucas used to be in, they are they creative boss of the SW universe. since all new material will originate from the story group, it will all be "canon", just as how all stories that originated from lucas were true canon. but, the story group isn't bound to any past EU material any more than lucas was. so it really makes to difference at all if SWTOR is called legends or c-canon because the results are the same. lucas wasn't bound to it and now the story group isn't bound to it.

the really best part of this is from here on out there will be just "the star wars universe", instead of having one universe that is real( what lucas created ) and another universe that isn't real( the EU ).
Legends is not the same as whatever "c-canon" was. Why? Because c-canon was a made-up designation, whereas Legends is official. Furthermore, the major difference prior to this is that Lucas was not creating any new material, but now there will be. Previously, all Star Wars material was consistent with each other, now any new material will be canon and the old, EU stuff will not be. It is a significant difference. If you want to understand it better, please read the multiple threads discussing it.